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Delivering fresh goods to multiple customers in tight windows can be challenging. When planning routes, it’s essential to optimize them to save mileage, increase driver productivity, and maximize customer satisfaction.
MobileConductor™ is an industry-leading delivery management system for food distributors who want to harness technology to optimize their direct store delivery (DSD) and proof of delivery (POD) workflows. Our solution gives your drivers the ability to provide a more efficient, better experience for your customers.
With sales and route accounting features, you can rest assured that you have real-time visibility into all routes and deliveries. MobileConductor gives your business an edge, particularly over competitors still using paper spreadsheets to map deliveries.
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MobileConductor Food Distribution Benefits

Our solution gives bakery, dairy, and vending delivery businesses a set of tools to help them stay efficient in the face of industry changes, labor shortages, rising costs, and escalating customer demands.
Route Efficiency

Enhanced Route Efficiency

Create dynamic sales routes that can be adjusted based on client availability and schedule changes, communicated directly to your drivers in real time.
Data Capture

Streamlined Data Capture

Give drivers the power to adjust order details and volumes on the fly, while capturing signatures and order changes from a centralized location.

Structured Team Communication

Emails, real-time alerts, and notifications provide communication to all stakeholders.

Enhanced, Dynamic Reporting

Simplify route accounting when you capture data during the route that can be accurately communicated to back-of-house systems.
Inventory Management

Effective Inventory Management

Strategically plan and execute inventory management when you use a solution designed for DSD and POD.

Profitable Account Tracking

Easily edit and record customer invoices with all the route and delivery data at your disposal (or at the touch of a button).
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