Wholesale Food Distribution

An All-in-One Solution for Institutional Distribution

Businesses that work with schools, government agencies, correctional facilities, and other institutions know that reliable delivery systems are essential to keep supply and demand balanced. Optimizing multiple routes with large deliveries can be a challenge to accomplish profitably without systems to support route accounting and organization.
Your business relies on streamlined delivery schedules and dependable proof of delivery (POD) tracking. MobileConductor™ is a powerful tool for wholesale food distributors that allows drivers to record changes and adjustments on the fly, providing a greater level of visibility at every stop along the route.
Wholesale Food Distributors

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Wholesale Food Distributor Benefits

When you give your delivery team the tools they need to handle the unexpected with agility, they become front-line customer service representatives that can increase revenues and give you a competitive edge.

Enhanced Visibility Features

Start-of-day accounting and mileage capture provide a way to efficiently monitor route deployments. Managers gain complete insight into deliveries, returns, and other key metrics.

Dynamic Data Capture

Managers can view arrivals, departures, weights, and temperatures for each delivery. Drivers capture signatures, order changes, and communicate them seamlessly to back-end business systems.
Custom Hardware Integrations

Custom Hardware Integrations

Our platform is nimble, built to connect with a range of scanners and mobile printers. No need for dedicated hardware upgrades to launch MobileConductor™.
Productive from the Start

Productive from the Start

Drivers are assigned routes directly from login and can capture delivery details and photos. Managers can review notes and add stops as needed.

Easily Accessible Delivery Details

Drivers can easily find all details needed for each stop then scan or manually confirm items. Automated Proof of Delivery notifications simplify communication to your customers.

Easier Back-End Reporting & Support

We support return merchandise authorizations (RMAs) created in back-office systems and orders created by the drivers via integrations with several ERP, WMS, and TMS.

MobileConductor for Your Business

Wholesale food distributors across the country trust MobileConductor. Let us show you the difference an organized, intuitive system can make for your bottom line.