Half-Baked Tortilla Growth Strategies Webinar

June 13, 2018, 3:00 - 3:45 PM

Does your growth plan include solutions for your route sales and delivery challenges? If last mile delivery solutions are not part of your plan, it’s only half-baked.

Tortilla Route Sales DSD Delivery

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Invoice errors? Inventory inaccuracy? Product shrink?

Learn how companies like La Finca, Father & Sons, Taco Loco, and Don Juan Chilies are growing their businesses with delivery process improvements. TIA Board Member, John McCabe, will walk webinar attendees through the challenges tortilla companies are facing and how companies just like yours are making changes that allow them to stay competitive, improve customer service, and grow their businesses.

Tortilla Delivery Topics

  • Streamline route sales and delivery management 
  • Improve order fulfillment
  • Implement clean invoicing
  • Create inventory accuracy
  • Eliminate paper and manual processes
  • Enhance delivery visibility and reporting data 

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Webinar Sponsors

Tortilla Industry Association Route Sales
ExtenData MobileConductor Delivery Management
Honeywell Direct Store Delivery

Webinar Speakers

John McCabe TIA Director Tortillas Direct Store Delivery


TIA Board Member & ExtenData's Dir. of Business Development

John possesses over 20 years of enterprise software sales and sales management experience. Holding positions in various locations around the world, John has been successful at developing new business channels in his roles.

Josh Ocampo Father & Son TIA Direct Store Delivery


Route Sales Director for Father & Son Commercial

With over 10 in the tortilla industry, Josh has worked closely with ExtenData and the MobileCondutor team to generate huge gains in delivery efficiency. 

Father & Son Commercial has been a MobileConductor Direct Store Delivery customer since 2015 and relies on ExtenData for mobile computing hardware to support route sales operations.