Direct Store Delivery - DSD - Software

What could complete route visibility do for your DSD route sales?

To stay competitive, your business needs MobileConductor. You can bring your company's delivery operations to the next level of sophistication. Lose the hassle and time-suck of paper-based processes and manual data entry. Say good-bye to the frustration of unnecessary customer credits, and say hello to complete route visibility for your DSD sales operations. 

With MobileConductor’s easy-to-use user interface and low disruption implementation, even the smallest DSD delivery operation can achieve success. MobileConductor’s features promote process improvements that allow your delivery operations to achieve clean order tracking, improve truck inventory tacking, dramatically reduce delivery shrink, and provide better customer service with automated email PDF delivery tickets, real-time alerts and notifications, and “where’s my truck” status updates.


You are in good company!

Thousands of delivery drivers use MobileConductor's Direct Store Delivery application every day.

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MobileConductor DSD Features

Sales Route Accounting 

  • Track truck inventory with start-of-day quantities and end-of-day reconciliation

  • Create invoices, net tickets, and credits

  • Electronic record of completed customer invoices, returns, and truck orders

  • Electronic record of orders for future delivery with automated ticket build process

  • Collect payment (cash/check) information and capture signature

  • Automated email PDF of invoices with signed tickets

  • Optional printed sales receipts

  • "Store and forward" updates to accommodate network availability

  • Truck and trailer selection and the ability to capture start and end mileage

  • Detailed customer information: address, contact name, phone number, notes, photos

  • Product pricing based on customer contract, promos, quantity breaks, discounts

  • Review customer par levels and current truck inventory levels

  • Print or email invoice and return tickets with or without pricing information

  • Capture reason codes for credit/return products

  • Collect payments on past invoices (ROA)

  • Create truck orders / load request for inventory replenishment

  • End of day inventory reconciliation and payment settlement

  • End of day reporting

  • Custom workflows

Management & Visibility

  • Emails, real-time alerts, and notifications allows information to be shared with all stakeholders

  • Messaging to communicate with drivers from web portal

  • Back-office ERP, WMS, TMS, or other business systems and processes integration

  • Adjust customer information, configuration, and pricing

  • Establish regional locations that delivery operations define

  • Create and configure all aspects of sales route schedules―create, edit, assign, and monitor

  • Define products characteristics, attributes, and pricing (customer specific pricing, promos, discounts, bracket/quantity breaks)

  • User-definable dashboards

  • Define and configure user types, roles, and access and security profiles

  • Review and manage product inventory associated with each route/truck

  • DVIR reporting and features to manage trucks/trailers and inspection profiles and data

  • Record arrival and departure times as well as weights and temperatures

  • Lot tracking and delivery asset review

  • Notes and photos available for transaction review

  • Audit information based on sales

  • Alert managers about route/sales transaction exceptions

  • Standard and custom reports with scheduled report times

  • Route schedule by customer and day of the week

  • Tracking quantity of assets delivered and returned

Customer Service

  • Online repository of customer transactions

  • Status updates and real-time alerts

  • Track all aspects of product sales to a customer with invoice tickets

  • Credit and return tickets track all aspects of product returned from a customer and reason codes

  • Automated emails to customer based on master data

  • Client web portal to view the prior transactions