Podcast: When to Make Process Changes in the Tortilla Industry

In this brief 3 min podcast, Georgia speaks with John McCabe, Tortilla Industry Association Board Member and Director of Business Development for MobileConductor. 

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Podcast Transcript

Georgia: How would a company listening to this right now know they are in a position to actually make a change?

John: Yeah, I think that is where a company should start, kind of sit back and look at what their doing in their processes everyday. What are the impacts? Primarily on customer service and what they do. Are they getting the right products to the customers at the right time? Are they providing their customers with an electronic signature and a complete invoice at the time of delivery to reduce disputes? From the last mile of the supply chain, do the delivery staff have the right inventory on the truck in case there is a customer demand once the delivery route gets to the customer and they need additional products. The ability to sit back and look and say, here is how we do it today, where are, I don’t like to use the term bottle necks because these are successful businesses, we are just trying to facilitate and make those better. Primarily the two areas are cost and improved customer service.

Georgia: We have talked about how that there is need for technology now that these successful second and third generation owners are taking over. We have seen innovation in the past. In your experience, where is that innovation coming from?

John: You know I think it is coming from what our prospects and existing customers have seen and what has worked with technology, what i call, within the four walls. They may have adopted some technology within the four walls to start managing inventory and barcode scan their products and manage lot tracking and manage expiring dates. Taking the visibility of that technology and just making the simple leap, if you will, with similar technologies and bringing it outside of the four walls. Which kind of gets it right straight to the end customer.

Georgia: And that was our podcast. Join us next time where we will continue the conversation around tortillas and direct store delivery applications like Mobile Conductor.

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