Podcast: Tortilla Industry and Direct Store Delivery Software

In this brief 3 min podcast, Georgia speaks with John McCabe, Tortilla Industry Association Board Member and Director of Business Development for MobileConductor. 

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Podcast Transcript

Georgia: John thanks for joining me for a few minutes.

John: Thank you Georgia. I really appreciate it. I really appreciate the opportunity to be with you today.

Georgia: So we will just dive right in. From your perspective as a TIA board member and then also from your long experience in the supply chain industry, what does the tortilla market look like today?

John: You know it's an interesting one and I’m fortunate enough to see it from a couple perspectives. In short, it's growing. We see a lot of major players in the market. But where I tend to spend a lot of time is SMB, or small/medium sized business type tortilla manufacturers. That from a profile perspective, they may be second or third generation family-run organizations. And it may be the second generation or the third generation taking over a very successful business. But how do they differentiate and where do they take it from there.

One of the areas that we see, and we are fortunate because we are on the MobileConductor side, they like to look at technology solutions. As I’ve seen 25 years in the software business and the ERP world and supply chain, they typically will have something that manages the business well from the back office, But their last mile of the supply chain or the delivery portion of that hasn’t typically been addressed. We’ve looked at the market in terms of helping those sorts of companies identify opportunities to save labor, to save supplies and improve customer service with the ability to streamline what customers are getting. Right product at the right time. Is it corn or flower? Is it chips? And those sorts of things. 

Finally, if you kind of back up and look at the market overall, is we talk about in board meetings at the TIA. I believe the industry as a whole, there is about 700 manufacturers across the US. I think North American there is about 13 billion in total sales. As I’ve been involved with TIA for a couple of years now we see the graph is going up and to the right. It's growing.