Podcast: Your Customers Benefit from Delivery Visibility

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Be a partner, not just a vendor.

Using technology for improved customer service is just one way you can stand apart from competitors. Now your delivery data can give your customers peace-of-mind. Continuing the conversation from Episode 3, Steve and Georgia continue discussing how delivery visibility can benefit food distribution customers.

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Podcast Transcript

Georgia: Hi everyone, I’m Georgia Brown with Mobile Conductor. When we left off in episode 3, I was just asking Steve about the peace of mind end customers receive from delivery visibility information available when food service companies use electronic delivery management solutions.

Steve: Not only through the information available but often times it’s available from a self-serve perspective. It lives in a portal or repository where the customer can go in and look at the evidence and where things were delivered. Not even having to call a customer support center with their distributor. This information is getting so accurate, and so valuable that we have seen a trend now to where the store operations people, or where the food is being delivered are beginning to eliminate the labor is associated with going to the store, counting inventory, recording it in their systems to say they received the inventory, instead, these store operations people are now relying on their delivery company to do that work for them because they trust the information, it’s accurate, and it’s timely.

Georgia: Yeah. We know the benefits that food distributors, you know, the efficiency that they get out of using a proof of delivery or direct store delivery technology in terms of inventory accuracy and their efficiency, but now we are also seeing that software like Mobile Conductor provides efficiency for customer’s customer in terms of inventory accuracy.

Steve: That’s right. I mean, when you look across some of these national Quick Serve establishments, and the labor associated with getting someone into that store, at the beginning, you know, early early morning, to be able to count things and turn things on, and record temperatures and those type of things and now, eliminating the need to have to do that, it saves a lot of money, it adds up quickly.

Georgia: I bet, I bet. Our customers’ customers, the restaurants, the Quick Serve food locations, you know, the Starbucks, the Chick-fil-As, all those different customers out there, are they seeing the difference? Are they noticing it? Or like you are saying, is this just, you know, something new coming into our customers’ customers’ frame of mind?

Steve: No, I think they are beginning to see it, and things evolve at their own pace, depending on the relationship between the supplier and the customer, but the end customers have already taken steps to improve their efficiency, to reduce the labor associated with ensuring accurate deliveries. And we see that because with the information now being available, and a repository or in a portal for that customer, it’s dramatically reducing the number of calls that their customer support, corporate customer support are having to make to follow up on what they think are inaccurate or missing shipments.