Bulk Transport Software

What could last mile visibility do for your pickup and delivery operations?

Creating visibility within delivery routes is imperative for your business to increase profit margins. With MobileConductor’s bulk transport manifest tracking and management features, you can bring your company's delivery operations to the next level of sophistication. Loose the hassle and time-suck of paper-based processes and manual data entry. Say good-bye to the frustration of unrecorded detention times, and say hello to last mile delivery visibility for your delivery operations.

With MobileConductor’s easy-to-use user interface and low disruption implementation, a wide range of bulk delivery industries can achieve success. MobileConductor’s features promote process improvements that allow your delivery operations to achieve clean invoicing and manifests, driver and truck management, and provide better customer service with automated email PDF invoices, real-time alerts and notifications, and “where’s my truck” status updates.


You are in good company!

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Pickup/Delivery Driver

  • Manifests tracking includes arrival and departure times, mileage, weights, automated email of manifests, and calculate detention time
  • Ability to review delivery notes and photos
  • Select and confirm vehicle and trailer condition with pre and post vehicle trip inspection
  • Capture signatures and optional printed receipts for records if need
  • Tracking of time and reason for loading and delivery detention

Management and Visibility

  • Adjust customer information, configuration, and pricing
  • Establish delivery sites and configuration
  • Control all aspects of dispatch (create, edit, assign, monitor)
  • Define materials and origination
  • Define and configure user types and roles
  • Establish material origination points/pickup locations
  • Manage key driver information
  • View audit information based on delivery
  • Communicate directly with drivers from the web portal
  • Industry reports used for decision support
  • Manifest Information
  • Pickup location and scheduling
  • Delivery location and scheduling
  • 3rd party mapping support: CoPilot & CoPilot Energy

Customer Service 

  • Automated email delivery notifications to customers
  • Client Web portal to view the status of the delivery― Where’s My Truck